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The Ultimate Guide to NeoBux on Everything!

Neobux provides YOU with the opportunity to earn $9,000 a year. Follow the steps below, and become a PRO at earning money with NeoBux.
NeoBux is an innovative modern PTC (Paid To Click) website, and this is not the PTC site you used to know. Unlike many other PTC sites, NeoBux goal is to innovate and reach the needs of our users as well as our advertisers.
And because rent-a-ref is such a unique and important feature, most of NeoBux Tips and Tricks strategies are essentially related to how you deal with referrals renting.

1.NEOBUX’s First Way to Earn: Viewing Advertisements

NeoBux offers 6 different types of advertisements (Colors and Names below):
  1. Extended Ads
  2. Standard Ads
  3. Mini Ads 
  4. Micro Ads
  5. Fixed  Ads
  6. Disappearing Fixed Ads 
Every single day you will find 4 Fixed Exposure advertisements available daily. These advertisements will pay you $.001 when you view them. Also, after viewing these ads, you cannot view them again until they reset. The advertisements will reset daily at exactly the same time as your registration time. So if you registered at 1:00 PM, your advertisements will reset at 1:00 PM every single day. Disappearing Fixed Ads will be available for a Fixed amount of time specified by the Advertiser. They do not have a limit on the amount of views, but a limit on the amount of time the Ad will be placed on the website.
1) Click the View Advertisements button at the top of the screen.

As you can see the amount of advertisements are listed directly to the right of the button. The  is how many Standard advertisements are available. The shows the amount of micro exposure advertisements available. Mini and extended advertisements are very rare.
Tip: Click on the extended, standard, mini, or micro exposure ads before the fixed ads. Every ad except for the fixed ads have a limited number of views and will disappear quickly.

How to View Neobux’s Advertisements

Viewing advertisements is fairly self explanatory with one exception. You must only view advertisements one at a time. If you view two or more NeoBux advertisements at the same time, this will cause an error and you will not be credited any money. That is strictly limited to NeoBux advertisements. I coordinate my NeoBux and OnBux accounts in a way that I view advertisements at the same time. This allows me to double my money for my time. Below is a picture of the view advertisements screen;

Steps include clicking on your selected advertisement, then click the red button which looks like this . This will trigger the time, which will track left to right on your screen and looks like this . Sure it looks a LOT like a cigarette, and it must have a filter (it sure doesn’t let you smoke two at once). You’ll see, click on the advertisement, then the red dot, then wait for the cigarette to fill up. After all this you will be credited $.01 to your account!
Duplicate this motion to multiple direct referrals and you will be earning a significant amount of money.

Viewing NeoBux Advertisements Recap

A successful first week will consist of Viewing a lot of advertisements and gaining a general knowledge NeoBux and its site layout. Stick with it, your earnings will increase in the coming weeks. After getting into the habit of viewing advertisements daily, move onto other ways to make money with NeoBux. These methods will contain valuable insights which will more than double the money you earn at NeoBux.

2. NeoBux’s 2nd Way to Earn: NeoPoints

NeoBux introduced a brand new feature called NeoPoints on 3/25/2011. NeoPoints accumulate in your account when you view advertisements. Your total NeoPoints will be shown on your account overview screen shown here,
NeoPoints will be able to be traded in for anything, Cash, Advertisements, Upgrading your Account, Renting Referrals, or Renewing Referrals. As soon as more information is released on NeoPoints I will post it here. NeoPoints I predict will nearly double your earnings.

3. Neobux’s 3rd Way to Earn: Rented Referrals

Renting Referrals Exponentially Increases your Earnings
Rented referrals earn you money while you eat, sleep, work and play and will absolutely expand your NeoBux earnings. NeoBux introduced this service to the world over 2 years ago. NeoBux allows you to rent people who view advertisements. When that person views and advertisements, your account is accredited with a certain amount of money. They key is you must be an active member on NeoBux. An active member is a person who views advertisements every single day!

Daily Clicking of Advertisements

 Important Note: Daily clicking of Advertisements is Essential for Referral Earnings. Rented referrals and direct referrals only work when you work. At the beginning of the 2nd Week you will have the ability to rent referrals. At the beginning of the 5th week you will be able to attract direct referrals with your username link. After renting referrals, you will only earn their clicks if you click as well.
If you haven’t clicked for the day, you will find this warning at the top of your screen.
You haven’t viewed any advertisements today.
You need to view at least 4 more advertisements to earn unlimited clicks from your referrals tomorrow.
The timer for viewing advertisements is based upon Server Time. Server time is set to the Eastern Time Zone (UTC -5:00). When the Server Clock strikes midnight, all your information will be moved into the next day. All the clicks you made that day will now count for Yesterday. Today will be a new day of clicking, and clicks made now will count for tomorrow’s referral’s clicks. I struggled with this aspect of NeoBux because my advertisements did not reset at the same time as Server time. Why? Because ads reset based upon your time of registration.
3.1 How to Rent Referrals at Neobux

Renting Referrals varies greatly based upon your current Membership. A Standard Member may rent referrals at any time, while Golden Members are limited to 2 different time slots.

As a Standard Member

I would not recommend renting more than 25 referrals as a standard member. It is too hard to earn a profit as a standard member because your Revenue is cut in half. You only earn $.005 per referral click, while Golden Members earn $.01 per click. I would rent as a standard member only to become familiar with the process of renting referrals.

Here’s how…Renting referrals as a standard member is very easy because there is little competition for the Referrals. The amount of referrals available for standard members ranges from 3 to 100. The exact amounts are 3, 10, 30, 50, 70, and 100. Any of these amounts of referrals are available at anytime and can be rented. The referrals will immediately be added into your account and will start earning you money immediately!

After renting these referrals, you will not be able to rent referrals again for 7 days.

Renting as a Golden Member

Renting referrals as a golden member is much more challenging because more golden members are attempting to rent referrals. When you become gold you will have to allocate two hours of the day to potentially rent referrals. For example my hours to rent are currently set at 11:00 and 12:00. The instant the clock on my computer turns from 10:59:59 to 11:00 I hit the refresh button and attempt to buy a pack of referrals. The more referrals that come in a pack the quicker that pack disappears.

Here are some tips to renting with a Golden Membership

1)    Use the direct renting link

This link brings you to the “Renting Referral Page.” It is only available when you are in your “hours.” For me, I would only be able to view this page properly at 11:00 and 12:00. It is quicker to view this page with the direct link than it is to hit refresh.

2)    Adjust your Clock to exactly Windows Time

Here is exactly how to do that for Windows 7.
  1. Click your clock
  2. Click Internet Time
  3. Click Change Settings
  4. Select
  5. Click Update Now
For other Operating Systems do this.
  1. Double Click your clock
  2. Click Internet Time
  3. Select
  4. Click Update Now
3) Close any program that can slow down your internet (IE: MSN, AIM, and downloads)
4)    Only keep Neobux website open at the moment you attempt to rent
5) Instead of refreshing the page, load the URL from your bookmarks

3.2 How to Renew Referrals

Renewing referrals for longer periods of time allows you to multiply your NeoBux earnings. Renewing Referrals is a simple concept, and vital to your success at Neobux. With Neobux you are able to rent referrals, then 30 days later they will either expire and you have to “rent them again,” or what’s called renewing the referrals. You can renew referrals for various amounts of time, including 15, 30, 60, 90, 150 or 240 days. The other option is Autopay (I’ll get into this later).
If you are renting referrals for longer periods of times, it costs more money. Renewing a referral for 15 days takes less initial monies than renewing a referral for 60 days. However, discounts are offered for renewing for longer periods of time. In essence, the cost of referral per day is cheaper the longer timeframe you renew them. In the long run extending for longer periods of time is the cheapest way to go! Below is a chart showing the referral costs with different memberships. Memberships will be discussed in-depth later.
15 Day Renewal
The 15 Day Renewals takes the least amount of capital, but costs the most in the long run.
30 Day Renewal
The 30 Day Renewal takes the 2nd least amount of capital, and a 5% discount is offered for this time period. This renewal combines a small capital requirement and a decent amount of renewal time. This strategy is highly recommended as a backup to your long-term strategy.
60 Day Renewal
The 60 Day Renewal gives you a 10% discount on the renewal cost, but you have to come up with the money for 60 days.
90 Day Renewal
This method is the middle of the road, it is possible to create a decent profit renewing for 90 days. It offers an 18% discount and requires a moderate amount of capital.
150 Day Renewal
This method requires high initial capital, but generates intense profits over the long term. A 25% discount is offered for this renewal period. Compared to a 90 day renewal the return on investment is 550 days.
240 Day Renewal
This method requires substantial capital while creating HUGE profits over the long term. Compared to a 90 day renewal the return on investment is 730 days.
Auto Pay
Takes the first click of every referral and adds one day onto their renewal time period. I do not recommend this policy. Only a 10% discount is offered by using auto pay. To say the least it doesn’t pay.
Which Renewal Strategy do you recommend?
I recommend a 30/150day renewal strategy. If for some reason I am unable to afford renewing at 150 days, then I renew for 30 days. The reason I do this as opposed to a 90/90 day renewal strategy is because .59+.59 is $.05 more than .90+.23. On 4000 referrals that can add up. However, it is more cost effective to renew referrals for 90 days rather than renting new referrals and being unable to afford them.
When you figure out which renewal strategy you are going to implement, be sure to take advantage of the latest NeoBux innovation, Automatic Renewals.

4. Direct Referrals at Neobux

Direct Referrals are an interesting beast, which can produce your greatest profits at NeoBux. I’ve written an entire section on how to attract these elusive referrals. Direct Referrals are people who sign up at NeoBux using your direct link. You do not need to pay for these users as they will stay in your account as long as they are active (daily clickers). Attaining direct referrals is a difficult process for most, but utilizing many of the tools at Bux Unviersity, it can and will be accomplished!

4.1 Direct Referral Commissions

Admin reintroduced Direct Referral commissions on 3/25/2011, and, according to Admin, this feature will over DOUBLE your direct referral’s income. It works very simply, but it is so important it does deserve its own topic. You earn 1% of all your direct referral’s purchases. If your direct referral invests $20 to buy some rented referrals, you earn $.20 for doing nothing. Direct Referral commissions were enabled on 3/28/2011 and will be eligible for every scenario, with the following rules.
  • The purchase has to be made using any of our 3 payment processors.
  • The purchase has to be made in an amount of $10 or higher.
  • It will be available for purchases of any kind of service except for advertisement services.
  • The commission will be credited to your main balance 90 days after the purchase.
  • A commission will be canceled if the respective purchase is reversed for any reason and restored if the reversed purchase is also restored.
  • A commission won’t be credited after the 90 days if the user that made the purchase is not your referral anymore or has his/her account suspended.
  • A commission won’t be processed if the purchased service is under a promotional period or with a temporary discount.

The payment does take a while to get to your account, 90 days. However, in 96.32% of the cases, you will receive your direct referral’s commission. When you DO receive a direct referral commission, it will appear on your Accounts Summary Page. As I learn more about this service I will post it on this page.
                               4.2 Selling Direct Referrals to Neobux
Another innovation exclusive to NeoBux, selling direct referrals. Direct referrals generate fantastic earnings on an ongoing basis, and a lump sum payment for your direct referrals is now possible! An amazing innovation implemented over 1 year ago, and is still amazing one year later.
A direct referral must meet the following requirements to be sold:
  1. Referrals must have at least 60 days of being a member
  2. Referrals must have at least an average of 2.0 (in both the membership time and the last 5 days)
  3. Payments will be made towards your rental balance
When the $ is illuminated green, the referral is available to be sold. When the $ is grey, the referral is not available to be sold. As you can see none of my referrals on this page are eligible to be sold.
How Much will NeoBux Pay me for my Direct Referral?
NeoBux is willing to invest a substantial amount of money for your direct referrals. The prices are as follows
  • Referrals with an average between 2.00 and 3.99 = $1.00
  • Referrals with an average between 4.00 and 5.99 = $2.00
  • Referrals with an average equal or higher than 6.00 = $3.00
Tip: Referrals with an average of 3.00-3.99, 5.00-5.99, and 6.50+ do not make sense to sell. If your referral has an average of 3.99 it will still only sell for $1.00.  This referral only needs to click 25 more days to pay for that amount. If you really need the cash to pay for renewals, I recommend selling referrals with averages of 2.00-2.99 or 4.00-4.99 first. Then sell your more profitable referrals after that.

4.3 Direct Referral Account Limitations

Direct referrals are only available after meeting two conditions
  • Been a member for at least 30 days
  • Have made at least 100 clicks
After these conditions are met, the direct referral limits are based on the following:
  • Standard: 30
  • Pioneer: 60
  • Golden: 200
  • Golden+Pioneer: 250
  • Golden/Emerald: 300
  • Golden/Sapphire: 300
  • Golden/Platinum: 400
  • Golden/Diamond: 400
  • Golden/Ultimate: 800
Depending on how many days you’ve been registered, all those days, minus the first 30, will count towards a limit increase.
This means that the older member you are, the more direct referrals you may have.
The amount will be based on your current membership/pack and the days you’re registered (minus 30). This amount will vary and is explained below.
For example, if you have been registered for 330 days (which minus 30 gives you 300 days):
  • Standard = 30 + (300/4) = 105
  • Golden = 200 + (300/2) = 350
  • Ultimate = 800 + 300 = 1100
If a user registers with you username he/she won’t be your referral if you haven’t met the 30 days/ 100 clicks condition or have reached the limit of allowed direct referrals.
You can always remove all direct referrals you don’t want to make room for new ones.

5. Upgrade your NeoBux Account and double your earnings

A golden membership is the next step above a standard membership. This membership upgrade costs $90 and provides substantial benefits above There are many different memberships available to members. The memberships are Standard, Golden, Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond, and Ultimate.
As a new member you are considered a standard member. The standard membership is free to use, and the benefits follow:
  • $0.01 earned per advertisement viewed
  • $0.015 earned per extended advertisement viewed
  • $0.005 earned per referral click
  • $0.01 earned per extended referral click
  • No renting or renewal discounts
  • Limit of 500 rented referrals
a standard membership. To become a golden member you must be a member of Neobux for 15 or more days, have 50 personal clicks.
  • $0.01 earned per advertisement viewed
  • $0.02 earned per extended advertisement viewed
  • $0.01 regular referral click
  • $0.02 extended ref click
  • Renting Referrals, AutoPay, Renewing Discounts
  • Limit of 2000 rented refs
  • Extended Stats
Those 4 bolded benefits are substantially better than a standard membership because they allow you to earn at least double the amount of a standard membership.
After receiving a Golden membership the only other way to increase your earnings is through a “Golden Upgrade Package.” This is essentially a fancy way to say more benefits. Ultimate is by far the most popular Golden Upgrade because it encompasses every benefit into one package. Currently I am an Ultimate member and the earnings are fantastic! The Golden Upgrade Packs with prices are listed in the picture below.

The benefits of an Ultimate membership are tremendous! Since the Ultimate membership encompasses every benefit offered by Neobux, I will go through their benefits.
Rental Queue
The rental Queue allows you to rent 200 referrals at anytime of the day. Obviously as the name suggests it is a queue, you will be forced to wait a certain amount of time before the referrals are received. The Queue itself is a huge benefit if your internet is slow and you are unable to rent referrals at your current hours. I’ve used the rental queue many times throughout my journey at Neobux.
Referrals per Page (Referral’s Listing)
The Referrals per Page is simply how many referrals can show up on one referral page.
Inactivity Days Free Replacement
This is a huge benefit for Ultimate Members and one of the many reasons why people upgrade from Golden to Ultimate. After 7 days of 0 advertisement views a referral is replaced with a new one for FREE! Every day I have approximately 200 referrals replaced due to inactivity. If I had to replace these referrals manually it would cost $8 and take a substantial amount of time. HUGE BENEFIT!
Vacation Mode
To receive income from your referrals you must view your advertisements every day. Vacation days allow you to receive income from your referrals without viewing advertisements.
Rental Waiting Days

Rental Waiting Days is the amount of time one must wait between renting. For example if you rent on Monday morning at 9:00 you must wait 4 days to rent again. You will be able to rent again at Friday 9:01.

Recycle Discount per Referral

This is another solid benefit. Normally one referral costs $.07 to recycle. With an Ultimate membership it only costs $.04

Days between Cash-outs

You can cash-out everyday with an Ultimate Membership!
 Maximum Referral Package Available
If you are renting at your specified hours, then you will have a choice as to how many referrals you want to rent at that time. This is the biggest package shown at that time. It will be 300 referrals for Ultimates
AutoPay Minimum Days Limit

Autopay is a way to extend your referrals. Each day a referral views an advertisement their first click will add 1 day to their renewal time. If their renewal date is within 10 days it autopay will not work and you will have to manually renew this referral.

Maximum Limit to Rent Referrals
This is the maximum amount of referrals that you can rent with each Golden Upgrade Package. With an Ultimate Membership the maximum amount of referrals you can rent is 4000. After that you must utilize the Queue.
Maximum Amount of Direct Referrals

A Direct Referral is someone who signs up using your referral code. The maximum amount of direct referrals for an Ultimate is 800.

Monthly Payment Discount (above $.20)

Great discount here! Each month to keep your rented referrals you must renew them. Ultimate members receive a discount of $.03 on their 30 day renewals. However, the price for 30 days cannot go below $.20.

Available Advertisements

Neobux provides a certain amount of guaranteed advertisements every day and they vary based upon your membership. A standard member only receives 4 advertisements each day while an Ultimate receives 15!

Your Standard Advertisement Clicks Value

Each advertisement you view credits a certain amount of money to your account. As an Ultimate member it is $.02 and as a Golden or Standard member it is $.01.

Earnings and Profits Statistics

This benefit is ONLY available to Ultimate Members. These graphs allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your referrals. This feature cuts down the referral management time substantially allowing you to profit more from the time you put in.

When should I upgrade my account to a Golden Membership?

Upgrading to a Golden Membership is an important decision in your Neobux Journey. By upgrading to a Golden membership, you will enjoy double earnings from your referrals ($0.01 instead of $0.005 per click), as well as cheaper renting and renewing prices.

However, taking time as a standard member to learn about the different aspects of Neobux is very important. Making sure that you have enough funds to renew and recycle your rented referrals. Being a Golden member is rewarding, and challenging at the same time.

Now I am Golden and I want to upgrade further, which Golden Upgrade Pack should I choose?

AWESOME! It is a Great idea to take the next step into your Neobux earnings expedition. I almost exclusively recommend the Ultimate package. The Ultimate package has every single benefit combined into one package. Yes, I know it is a MINT at $890, but that is only $2.45 a day. Plus the ultimate package recycles your referrals automatically after 7 days of inactivity. This creates a nearly impossible to fail situation. I have seen successful members with all of the different Golden Upgrade Packages, but I’ve seen the most successful ones with an Ultimate Upgrade.

6. Recycle Referrals

The key to recycling is understanding the filter how the filter works.

How to Recycle Referrals – Advanced Strategy

Recycling Referrals, MEH. To me recycling does not make a lot of sense; especially when I am building my referral base. When building referrals the last thing I want to do is waste money on recycling. I believe the biggest problem with recycling is people believe it will be an overnight success. Yes. I recycled  40 referrals my Real Avg will improve 100%! Ya…PSYCH. At NeoBux the referral filter is quite complex. The first thing the filter determines is whether or not you are Ultimate or not. If you are ultimate you have a better filter. Anything else, your filter is worse. On top of that, if you Recycle a Referral it is more beneficial than if you let a referral AUTO recycle.

How much better?

10% … Max.

Lets say your average is .75 with the normal Auto Recycle. .75*1.10 = .83. That means your recycled referrals will have an average of .83. Quite an improvement. The improvement is compounded when you recycle your worst referrals. The worst referrals are not the referrals who never click, but the ones who click once ever 5-7 days. Lets say the worst referrals have an average of .50.

OK so when you recycle a referral, let us assume they are going to have your current AVG*1.10…AKA a 10% gain in productivity. Sounds good right?

Lets say you recycle your worst 50 referrals. And your worst 50 referrals have an average of .50.
This is the calculation to determine whether or not it makes sense. \/
=50*.01*7 days*(.83-.50)-(50*.04) = -$1
50 referrals making 1 penny. (New average-Old Average)-(50*.04 (recycling cost)) =-$1
Even if You are recycling TERRIBLE referrals, recycling does not make sense… At all.
Please don’t recycle. Please rent.

2. Invest Money into your NeoBux Account

You may be thinking, well this all sounds well and good, but upgrading my account to golden is going to take an insanely long time at $.04 a day! And you are right! That is where the next concept of Intense earnings comes into play. Investing Money! It is the easiest way to increase your earnings at Neobux. Depositing money allows you to increase your income by upgrading your account, or renting more referrals. Renting referrals is the best way to increase your income. It also allows you to leverage other people’s time which is an amazing concept! Each referral that clicks an ad will credit you $.01 and each ad you view will credit you $.01. If you have referrals who click while you sleep (I have about 1500), then you earn money while you sleep! Something a lot of people do not do throughout their entire lifetimes. The most effective way to start multiplying your time is by depositing money. Below is a guide to depositing money.
1)    Login to Neobux
2)    Click on your User Name
3)    If you upgrade your account click the + sign next to “Golden Pack Balance” or If you want to rent referrals click the + sign next to “Rental Balance”
4)    You have 4 options from where you can deposit money from, Main Balance, AlertPay, PayPal, and Netteller.
Depositing from the Main Balance means you are depositing from the account that accrues the revenue from viewing advertisements. For example, if you view 4 advertisements you will have $.04 in your Main Balance. Currently, I have $157 in my main balance. I can either transfer this to my Rental Balance, Golden Pack Balance, or Cash this Money into my Pocket.
Depositing from the other 3 sources is easy as well. Something important to keep in mind is due to the size of Neobux, if you deposit your money from AlertPay you have to cash out your money to AlertPay, and vice versa. If you have a verified account from any of these companies, Neobux will allow you to deposit money from either one of them. 
What are you waiting for? My referrals are busy clicking and earning money for me while I am working, jogging, or sleeping. If you don't feel comfortable putting money in first, then work your way up from the free standard membership until you earn enough to upgrade. Realizing there are other factors leading to your success with NeoBux, I hope this NeoBux money making strategy discussed here can at least give you some brief reference to set up a reasonable expectation.

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